L'Espresso Guida dei Vini d’Italia 2018
4th place for Rosso di Montalcino Corte dei Venti 2015

It received the fourth place in the category "100 Wines to drink now", the Rosso della Corte dei Venti got the best place among the Montalcino wines in Guida dei Vini d’Italia 2018 of the Espresso.
Then there are 2 fifth places in the categories "100 Wines to buy" and "100 Wines to store" and 10 placing.
We're finally there. The Guida I Vini d’Italia 2018 by L'Espresso is out today on newsstands and in bookstores. There is a change in the new edition: the presence of an additional 100 award-winning wines, "100 wines to taste again", that is, wines presented to the Guide in previous editions and which are in excellent shape.

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