Ristoranti d’Italia 2019 of Gambero Rosso
3 glasses for Brunello di Montalcino 2013 Corte dei Venti

"Tuscany is the uncontested queen of this Guida ai Ristoranti edition d’Italia of Gambero Rosso. 84 winners are many. The all-time high. Toscana has been helped, of course, by the lucky coincidence of some excellent years, such as 2013 in Montalcino and 2015, that gave excellent results almost everywhere
There are 17 bottles of wine awarded in Montalcino: 14 of Brunello and 3 of Rosso 2016 that, thanks to a perfect year for the variety, they have elegance, souplesse and articulation. 2012 shows some interesting products, but it must be said that unlike criticism has acclaimed this year, we found it less interesting than expected (here the list of Tuscan wines with 3 glasses).

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