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Even though we usually match pizza and fresh beer, actually this combination may not be the best because of the excessive fermentation of the yeasts which are in both products. It is, therefore, better to choose a wine. The important thing is to know how to match the right wine with pizza to avoid pairing too strong flavors or losing the taste of one or the other food.

Given its base, pizza is not very juicy and does not release liquids such as meat, so you have to be careful not to match it with overly structured and tannic red wines, while a good choice is choosing young and light wines.

For example, young red wine is perfect for a "Margherita" pizza, this is because the acid component you find in tomato may go better with a wine that is not too tannic and therefore tends not to enhance its acidity.

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While a pizza without tomato, which is made with dairy products and fresh cheeses, goes perfectly with a good white wine or a sparkling wine, as it moderates the fatness of dairy products and enhances pizza freshness and aroma.

With other types of pizzas that have much more full-bodied toppings, for example, cold cuts such as ham, speck, salami and variations with fresh truffles or mushrooms, it is possible to dare and therefore combine a slightly more structured and full-bodied wine, such as a Brunello di Montalcino or a Rosso di Montalcino. In fact in this case the flavor of the cured meats is wonderfully enhanced by these red wines which are certainly more tannic and fuller than a young wine.

Nothing prevents you from daring even according to your tastes, come and try our wines, maybe you will find the perfect one to combine with your favorite pizza!


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