Wine making
What is it ? And why does it condition the quality of the wine?

Curiosity about wine 12 Oct 2020

The production of wine is a long and diversified process that has its origins in very distant times, thanks to the combination of the experience of human technique and chemical processes. Wine making is one of the fundamental steps in this production chain.

Technically, vinification is the chemical process thanks to which the must, that is the juice obtained by pressing the berries of the bunches of grapes, is transformed into wine. In fact, the must is rich in sugars such as glucose and fructose. It is transformed into ethanol through natural (and artificial) yeasts, effectively changing a grape juice into wine.


Depending on the type of wine there are different vinifications:

Red wine making: as the name implies, it is the type of wine-making used to obtain red wines, the pressed grapes macerate with their skins and pips so that the must is coloured more and more to obtain red wine.

White vinification: unlike the red process, the crushed grapes are separated from the skins and pips in order to avoid the passage of tannin and colouring substances to the must, and thus obtain white wine.

Vinification in rosé: it is basically the same process to obtain red wines, but in this case the maceration involving the grapes and all the pressed grapes with the must is shorter, so as to obtain a much less coloured wine, giving life to the homonym type of wine.


Nowadays, in cellars, there are further vinification processes, in addition to the classic ones mentioned before, such as carbonic vinification, cold vinification and “continuous” vinification. All these processes aim at obtaining the right type of wine for trade, such as particular whites, new wine, rosé and sweet wines: passito, vinsanto and so on.

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