Grappa di Brunello

Discover our Grappa of Brunello and Grappa Barriccata from Corte dei Venti

  • Barriqued Grappa di Brunello

    0,50 lt

    What makes Grappa di Brunello Barriccata Corte dei Venti unusual is the aging, which lasts 18 months in small oak barrels, called “caratelli”. During this period the colour becomes goldish, while the olfactory and taste notes are full of particular scents and intense fragrances.

    28 €
  • Grappa di Brunello

    0,50 lt

    Our Grappa di Brunello comes from the fermented grapes marcs of Sangiovese Grosso, which are cultivated for Brunello di Montalcino
    After distillation, it has to stand for 6 months in steel tanks.

    25 €

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