Welcome to Corte dei Venti

Here you will find a small vineyard, large oak barrels, a long tradition, a pinch of madness and a lot of passion

  • History

    Farmers and winemakers in Montalcino since 1943

    The history of my winery goes back to 1943, when my family, the Pieri family, bought Piancornello farm. During the late 1980s, my maternal grandfather passed away and his daughter Silvana (my mother) inherited part of the property, later, his grandchildren received it. Corte dei Venti winery was born in Montalcino southeast area, the sunniest area, where the red lands are, between Sant’Angelo and Castelnuovo dell’Abate.
  • Why Corte dei Venti?

    Our grapes are so good also thanks to the wind

    The name "Corte dei Venti" comes from the particular confluence of the winds that constantly blow in this area. Their presence allows a Mediterranean climate free of mists, which helps the health of both the vines during the growing season and the grapes during the harvest.
  • Vineyards

    We have 5 hectares of vines, 2.80 for Brunello production

    Our vineyards are in hilly area, rich in iron limestone clay, cool and full of minerals. This area is also influenced by sea winds, which guarantee a prolonged and an excellent grapes ripening.
  • In cellar

    between steel tanks and 25 hl wooden barrels

    The cellar is at controlled temperature and humidification and it is divided into two different areas: one for wine-making with steel tanks and the other for aging, with oak oak oak tonneaux and 25 hl wooden barrels that we use to refine our Brunello di Montalcino.
  • Our olive grove

    We also have 3 hectares of land with centuries-old olive groves

    In Corte dei Venti winery there are also 3 hectares of centuries-old olive trees: such as Olivastra, Correggiolo and Moraiolo. We always pick the olives by hand and we immediately bring them to the mill where, thanks to the cold milling system, they are transformed into an extra virgin olive oil with unique features.

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