Wine or beer
What to choose if you are on a diet

Curiosity about wine 15 Oct 2020

Soon, you have an important event and you absolutely must fit into that dress or that tuxedo you adore so much, so have you decided that it’s time to follow a significant and strict diet?

However, in the evening, when you come back from work, to ease the fatigue of the day, you need some relax so you just want to reward yourself with a nightcap ... but you are on a diet and you don't know whether to prefer wine or beer because you don't know which one has fewer calories.

So here's what to choose between wine and beer if you are on a diet!

Basically, as you will imagine, the difference lies in the amount of calories of the two mentioned drinks.

Calories in beer

birra in bicchieri

We know that in a glass of beer there are about 50 calories, for example, drinking a can of beer you consume about 100 calories and 170 calories for a double malt beer. Also do not forget that beer contains many carbohydrates, so a pint of beer is about to the caloric intake of a plate of pasta!
Calorie del vino

Calories of wine

Wine has a slightly lower caloric intake than beer, and tends to increase depending on the type of wine and the alcohol content. On average, an 11 degree red wine glass has about 77 calories, while a 13 degree red wine galss has about 91 calories. Recent studies have shown that contrary to popular belief, wine actually stimulates the metabolism by activating the fat burning process.

bicchiere di vino

At the end…. wine!

So as you can see, rewarding yourself with a glass of wine is better than with a mug of beer, not only for the lower caloric intake but also because beer tends to swell more being a sparkling drink.

Obviously, we must always be careful on the quantities, exceeding a glass of wine per day could still increase the calorie intake and nullify the entire diet.

Take a look at our wines and choose the one you like best for your relaxing evening glass!

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