How is grappa (schnapps) produced?
From distillation to aging

Curiosity about wine 18 Oct 2020

Traditionally, at the end of a meal, especially if we are away from home or with friends, Italians usually sip a small glass called "digestivo"(digestif), usually an amaro (bitter) or a good grappa (schnapps).
Have you ever wondered how grappa is produced? Let's find out together!

Grappa is a distillate obtained from marc (the grape skin including the grape seeds and usually without stalks) using only the best skins of all the crushed grapes, the pomace that is taken can be fermented, virgin or semi-virgin.

The distillation
Distillation is the boiling process that leads the pomace to be an alcoholic liquid through evaporation. We obtain it through the still and begins with the filling of the still boiler with the mixture of the pomace. The alcoholic substances will evaporate from pomace then they will become liquid.

distillazione della grappa

The purification
During the distillation also harmful substances may evaporate, for this reason we try to control the passage of the liquid that divides into the head, heart and tail. The master distiller will be very careful in selecting only the heart of the liquid which is the best and non-harmful one and it contains all the alcoholic and aromatic substances of grappa.

The reduction of the alcohol content
At the end of the distillation process, the grappa has a very high alcohol content (above 70 degrees) which is prohibited by law. Therefore, there is a reduction in the alcohol content by adding distilled water until the desired degree is reached which must not exceed 60 degrees.

After obtaining the desired alcohol content, the grappa undergoes a filtration process that leads the liquid to become more clear and transparent and then ready to be marketed.

grappa con caffè

Depending on the product to be obtained, the grappa may rest in special wooden barrels after filtration, so as to obtain the barrique grappa or undergo further aging processes.

grappa barricata la corte dei venti


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